Fallout Laser Scope: Fan Art Model

Well, here we are, the new fallout is kinda out! We have not made any fallout fan art, for some time and this seemed to be the best timing.
Weapons are our most favourite thing to make, but lately, we have been really busy and can’t spend much time on personal projects. So, the scope was the perfect project to make. It’s related to weapons, small scale and tons of cool materials.
Scope is almost 6k tris. A bit high, but In-game mesh could be around 4k.
PBR textures: 2x2k for scope and random material for glass.
There are two sets of textures: classic and wasteland/old. Not all weapons are mint condition in the wasteland.

In time, this model will be added as a mod. The laser scope was made by Kaspars Pavlovskis

For more work, check out our portfolio: Here

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