Flashing Light: Ambulance vehicle for simulator game

Something a bit different, for a change.. Few months ago, we had a chance to work with Excalibur Games, on Flashing Lights project. Cop, fireman and first aid simulator game, made on Unity 3d engine, published on Steam.

We had a base low-pol model that we completely re-made from new high-poly to complete PBR game ready model. This work was surely challenging, because of the shear amount of parts and details on both exterior and interior. The model uses 4 materials – Exterior, Front interior, rear interior and glass. Additional props and accessories where added in game. Additional to this, Polysquid team also made two more vehicles, that will be displayed on our page, the following week!

Flashing Lights is available on Stem, here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/605740/Flashing_Lights__Police_Firefighting_Emergency_Services_Simulator/

For more of our work, visit our portfolio page: https://polysquid.com/portfolio/

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