Modular Bank Environment done in Neoclassical style. All of the Interiors are highly detailed and filled with quality props and lit with baked lighting. Textures and materials are made in high quality, good enough for closeups and optimized for real-time use.

Technical Details

  • Bank building parts – modular walls, windows, pillars, doors, ceiling and trim pieces
  • Lobby props – waiting chairs, sofa, ATM, vending machines, monitors etc.
  • Office props – office chairs, tables, PC, papers, key, calculator etc.
  • Vault props – doors, gold, money, boxes ladder and trolley
  • WC props – toilet, sink, booth
  • Supporting props – lamps, paintings, meeting table, plants, door signs

Modular Bank Pack for Unreal Engine: Unreal Marketplace
Modular Bank Environment for Unity: Unity Asset Store

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