Modular Baseball bat pack from Polysquid Studios

Available on unity asset store: Here

Zombie apocalypse survival has never been easier!

IF.. You have modular baseball pack, from Polysquid. High quality, AAA melee weapons, for FPS games. Clever modular system, that allows user to build over 20 weapon versions, with just few prefabs. Perfect add-on for any survival or zombie game.

Pack is made of one main weapon: baseball bat, that can be decorated with 2 type of handles and 5 type of scrap metal add-ons.

Everything uses 1 material, with PBR textures. Master size is 4x4k, but in-game size 2x2k and mobile 1x1k.

Powerful and easy to use prefab system. Everything is ready to be drag/dropped on scene. 10 already made weapon versions are in prefabs too.

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