Modular Office environment, from Polysquid. 
Available on unreal market: DOWNLOAD HERE


Modular Office Environment from Polysqud Studios. This Package Contains an Modern Office Environment and a modular Building kit, so You can easily create your own level in no time. Assets are quality and can be used in visualisations, however they are still suitable for games. Wall, Floor, and Ceiling textures are tillable, so you can customise the existing ones or replace them with your own. A lot of props are included:

  • Modular Tables, Chairs, Shelves, Sofas, Carpets, and other furniture
  • Office electronics – PC (Complete with Mouse and Keyboard), Laptop, And a Printer
  • 6 Different Plant Models and 2 Vases
  • 4 Different Artworks and 4 Decors
  • 3 Different Lights (Ceiling Large, Ceiling Small and Wall Lamp)
  • Light Switch and Power Outlet

Technical Details


  •  Modular Building Kit – 26 Models
  •  Furniture – 13 Models
  • Electronics 5 Models
  •  Plants, Decorations and Artwork -18 Models

For more artwork, be sure to check out our full portfolio page, here: Portfolio

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