Who We Are


Clients all over the world chose our services or products.


We have over 150+ asset packs on unity and unreal market!


Skilled professionals, will make Your ideas come to life.


Always open for new opportunities or ideas.

Welcome to Polysquid Studio

Founded in 2015, we are a team of professionals, with 10+ year of experience in-game content and development. With broad experience in 3d modeling, we are able to provide unique content that will push your project to the next level. Located in Riga, Latvia, with clients all over the world.

We specialize in all art styles and techniques

Starting from simple things like props, to more complex projects, up to complete environments. Polysquid Studios is at the cutting edge of the newest trends and technology. Because of this, we deliver modern, high-quality products to our customers. Our main focus is on 3d modelling, texturing, overall game art development, as well as marketing materials. In addition to that, we also work with Unity 3D and Unreal Engine, which allows us to deliver fast and easy-to-use content for our clients.

Polysquid Studios was born out of a simple dream

We wanted to do what we love the most and do it every day. Passion is our driving factor and progress is our motivation to push even harder. We strive to be the best in our field. Our goal is to push the game industry forward and allow people to make amazing games. We also provide AAA content on Unity Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace.

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